Corporate and Commercial

Give your corporate video big budget feel for a fraction of the price by adding HeliPOV aerials which offer a cheaper more convenient alternative to established filming methods such as:

  • Conventional helicopter aerials
  • Jib
  • Crane
  • Dolly
  • Cable cam
  • Tracking vehicle
  • We also offer ground based steadicam services

Low level aerials also have the added advantage of being able to seamlessly transition between any of the above methods creating shots that were only possible with advanced CGI
Take a browse through some of the previous corporate and commercial videos we’ve been involved with…

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…Now check out some mini edits we’ve made from some of our corporate and commercial shoots to further demonstrate the possibilities
Toyota Prius @ Nurburgring
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All the examples above have been cut and edited by HeliPOV purely for demonstration purposes and are not representative of their final use