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Hot Wheels

Ftype Hot Wheels 1

A couple of hundred meters of Hot Wheel track laid out around Jaguar’s design studio for the launch of the new F-Type + Some lovely aerials from some stunning Swiss … Read more >

Michelin Man

Lexus Lunches

Well crafted Lexus meets well crafted lunch… Michelin star chef lunch!

Range Rover SVR

Range Rover SVR

Sun, snow and a conveniently shut bridge in Switzerland for a week shooting these Range Rover SVR videos

Ro Sham Bo’Ness

Lotus BoNess

Jim Clark set a record time for the hill climb classic at Bo’Ness… We supplied the aerials for the recreation of it…

Huq Mode

Mitsu Outlander Huq

Getting aerials for this video starring Konnie Huq while of one of the named storms of the year starts upping the wind speed… Remarkable what the Inspire 2 can operate … Read more >


Lexus LC Convertible

Or LC, rather… The Lexus LC Convertible in fact… Revealing itself to the Goodwood FOS crowds and blending in with the chequered flag decor at the same time!


Bentley 100 years

A landmark 100 years for Bentley mixed with a terrible bit of wordplay… Luckily the video is a mighty fine watch!



Testing the new Mitsubishi Shogun Sport out on the beach at Woolacombe was always going to be a fun way to top up the tan!